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War…war never changes.

After the world entered into Atomic Fire, people sought shelter in underground vaults. Years later, they emerged, and formed local towns, cults, tribes, and organizations based on where they were, what they had, and what they could find. For years, the southern states of the former Union were brought to a standstill of violent battles between families and feuding tribes until they formed a united banner for one purpose…clean water.

Living in mostly desert out west, and swamp to the east, the people of the southern United States formed what is now called the Southern United Confederacy, more commonly referred to as the S.U.C.

Brought together again as a Union, the people of the S.U.C. formed a militia to guard their borders, farmers to raise crops and cattle, and most importantly, scientist and mechanics to solve the issue of clean drinking water. Most of the earth was safe enough after a few decades to build wells, but radiation had turned all the swamps to death zones, and caused many new forms of life to guard as well as use the precious water supplies. Water became its own form of currency, and life continued as it was always known to for the south…hard, hot, and filled with passion.

Home Page

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